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The decision on your wood floors starts with the types available. Each type of wood has its advantages. One should consider each type of wood available and the durability needed in the area it will be installed.

Laminated/Engineered Flooring
More dimensionally stable than solid wood and ideal for rooms with changing humidity and temperature.

Acrylic Impregnated
A super-hard, extremely durable floor, ideal for areas with high traffic and heavy activity.

Most, but not all, engineered products are prefinished at the factory, and some solid products are available prefinished. Prefinished flooring eliminates the dust and noise factors involved in the job-site finishing process.

Job Site Finish
This finish is applied at the place of the installation, giving you unlimited possibilities for customizing your floor's color, as well as the ability to choose the type of shine you prefer.

More than 22 domestic and imported wood species are used for wood flooring. The most common of these are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Pine and Hickory/Pecan. Other woods that make beautiful flooring are: Ash, Beech, Birch, Black Cherry, Douglas Fir, Mesquite, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Australian Cypress, Jarrah, Mahogany, Merbau, Padauk, Purpleheart, Teak, Wenge and others.

Laminate flooring allows you to recreate the look of real hardwood flooring, in a variety of "species," and in a budget-friendly way. Laminate floors are substantially lower in price than solid hardwoods, yet a high quality laminate floor with the beauty and durability you might expect in a real wood floor. If you have children and pets to consider, laminate flooring is a great solution - resistant to wear.

Laminate wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular for both household and commercial applications. This scratch-resistant and low-maintenance flooring solution for your home or office can be depended upon with confidence, and you can still enjoy the appearance of a solid hardwood at a fraction of the cost.

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